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Tytan says he is a happily married man!

Tytan And Olinda Marriage On The Rocks

Harare | Tytan says he is a happily married man and divorcing Olinda has never crossed his mind.

“My marriage is fantastic. I am married to my wife. Its great……..I wear the pants, that’s my family. that’s my household, those are my kids, that is my wife, that is how it works. I married twice. Round one, round two kusimbisaka.

On Stunner performing at Olinda’s bash he said “I was alright. If we call Ajigika to come and perform and get money, he comes and performs and becomes the clown we want him to be and he goes.”

Asked about Stunner and Olinda’s cosy pictures he said “I don’t know about that.” He dodged several questions saying “There are certain things I will not delve into because of my daughter.

We have a great marriage. I have never thought of divorcing, even now. “

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Tytan And Olinda Marriage On The Rocks

But he said he was not truthful when he said Olinda had abused him. “I will say it was not truthful. Its emotions.”

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