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Umguza Man Rapes and Impregnates Daughter

Security Guard Accused Of Stealing US$160k On The Run

A father made a shocking claim in front of a magistrate. He confessed to being in love with his own biological daughter, whom he had repeatedly raped and eventually impregnated.

The man, aged 51, hailing from Heaney Junction in Umguza District, Matabeleland North Province, was convicted after a full trial by Bulawayo regional magistrate Matthew Mutiro.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, the man pleaded not guilty, asserting that he was in love with his daughter.

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He alleged that she had approached him, pleading to have tlof tlof. The man was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on 8 February.

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According to his defence, on 22 December of the previous year, the man returned home in the evening to find his daughter sleeping on his matrimonial bed in his bedroom.

He claimed to have awakened her and asked her to sleep in the kitchen. However, he admitted that he was overcome by malicious thoughts and prevented her from leaving.

Disturbingly, he shared that they had a meal together before his daughter requested to have intercourse, which they did without using protection.

He further revealed that his daughter later went to sleep in the kitchen. On 25 December of the same year, after returning home from a night of heavy drinking, he found his daughter sitting alone in the kitchen. Out of a misplaced sense of care, he offered her hot chips.

Subsequently, they engaged in consensual tlof tlof in his bedroom hut before he fell asleep. To his bewilderment, his daughter woke up during the night and reported him to a member of the neighbourhood watch committee, who then arrested him.

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The court heard that on 22 December 2023, the accused’s wife had left for Masvingo to spend the Christmas holiday, leaving the victim under her father’s care.

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With no one else present at home, the accused seized the opportunity and allegedly raped his daughter on the same day, finding her sleeping on his matrimonial bed.

Later that Christmas day, at around 9 pm, he allegedly subjected her to three further instances of sexual assault.

After enduring these horrific experiences, the victim bravely reported her father’s actions to the neighborhood watch committee, leading to his arrest.

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