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Understanding Rev. Zulu’s Growth in Spirituality

Understanding Rev. Zulu's Growth in Spirituality

Harare | We feature Rev. Zulu this week, a guy who has dedicated his life to the cause of Christianity. When you devote yourself to God and his causes, you frequently encounter a multitude of challenges and afflictions.

Known as Smallmatter from infancy, he had a simple upbringing and means of subsistence. It all began on November 23, 1980, in Umbowe Clinic, in the little moning town of Mhangura in the Doma District of Mash ‘Best’.Pastor Zulu was raised by a police officer in a four-person home.

Living in a small town is never simple since there are rarely many chances, and the main goal is to get to the big “city.”

As if to add insult to injury Rev Zulu ‘s parents divorced just after his completion of Advanced level studies, their family faced eviction at their then place of residence leaving them at the mercy of the streets.

At this point (of being evicted)they had relocated to Chinhoyi,still in Mash ‘Best’.There he sought and found lodgings at the local Church as he was a devout youth member of the Church of Christ.

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Rev Zulu served as a caretaker at the church before joining the teaching profession as a temporary teacher.

Trelawney Primary in Zvimba District became his new home and this is where he received a vision of his calling into Ministry.

He was to enroll for theological studies at the Zimbabwe Christian College under the sponsorship of Harare Christian Church where he served as a choir master.

Upon completion of his studies Rev Zulu turned down several offers to join already estalished church dioceses but instead opting to plant a new seed . Armed with his theological certificate, a dream and of course the Holy Book ,Rev Zulu sought to conquer the big ‘City’ giving birth to the aptly named Innercity Christian Church(Church of Christ).

Through thick and thin, line upon line ,precept upon precept, the echo of :”welcome to Innercity,where the word becomes flesh” ,reasonates amongst the over 200 congregates shepherded by Rev Zulu.

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“We have been through Hills and valleys , but we have to keep our hands on the plough and not look back, we have to keep preaching hope in a bleak situation, the word of God is the light that shines in the darkness, nomatter how bad things may be, as Pastors we don’t depart for greener pastures, we make the grass green where we are and with God is impossible.

Zimbabweans are hard working, loving and commited people, they need genuine spiritual leaders who are focused on building a community of righteous and prosperous people. With God all things are possible. And as Africans we can achieve, that is why we are called Afri- cans, so yes we can”,narrates Rev Zulu.

Rev Zulu is also a certified Marriage Officer, LifeCoach, Family and Marriage therapist.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Miriam

    November 25, 2023 at 6:55 pm

    This was sad sorry but we thank God, you became a good preacher. May God bless you always

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