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University of Zimbabwe Student Develops Netflix-Inspired Streaming App

University of Zimbabwe Student Develops Netflix-Inspired Streaming App

A Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Zimbabwe is pursuing ambitious ventures, recently unveiling his brainchild, a streaming platform named Exoplanet Studios.

Wilbert Machoba, aged 21, had previously envisioned establishing a chemical manufacturing plant in Africa before founding Chilbur Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd in July last year while concurrently pursuing his biomedical engineering studies at UZ.

Describing his creation, Machoba explains that Exoplanet Studios functions as a streaming service where users can browse and stream movies, with the added option to download content. Additionally, the platform features sections dedicated to African news and celebrities, providing users with a comprehensive entertainment experience akin to Netflix.

Machoba emphasizes that Exoplanet Studios is a tangible app set to launch soon, offering exclusively African content. Users will have the opportunity to create profiles, follow other users, and interact within the platform’s community.

Driven by a desire to elevate African cinema and culture, Machoba aims to provide a platform where African filmmakers can reach a global audience, overcoming the limitations faced on platforms like YouTube.

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Exoplanet Studios boasts unique features that differentiate it from mainstream streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Machoba has invested approximately US$960 into the development and initial operations of the platform, with plans for further investment in research and development.

In addition to the web-based platform, Machoba reveals that a dedicated application will soon complement the streaming service, further enhancing user experience and accessibility.

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