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UZ Lecturer ‘Dr Teddy Mungwari’ shenanigans with students exposed

UZ Lecturer 'Dr Teddy Mungwari' shenanigans with students exposed

Dr. Teddy Mungwari, a media lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), is accused of expecting sex in return for honors from female pupils.

This occurs when Mungwari was revealed by a female student (name withheld) who asked for mjolo and was promised a distinction in a WhatsApp conversation. The student declined him and went to the appropriate person at the department of creative studies.

According to a dependable source, Mungwari was already the subject of disciplinary proceedings after the student turned in a screenshot and a letter to the school.

She claimed, “Dr. Mungwari approached me and requested sex, but I declined.”

Due to the fact that his wife is in South Africa, Mungwari expressed his desire to have sex with the student in a leaked WhatsApp message from the student.

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Following an inquiry by, it was discovered that Mungwari had already been expelled from the Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) for committing the same offense.

Due to his actions, Mungwari earned the moniker “Samatha” among CUT students.

Mungwari had already committed the same offense at the UZ, where he was expelled and is currently not serving as an instructor for both postgraduate and undergraduate programs.

Mungwari will no longer teach classes, according to a source within the institution, as a result of this issue.

According to a source, “Since we have contracts, we wait for recommendations from a panel who is conducting the disciplinary action.”

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All efforts to get Mungwari’s side of the story were in vain as his phone went strait to voicemail.

In many nations, relationships between teachers and students, regardless of age, are forbidden.

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