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Victim Arrested as Police Learn ZRP Commissioner’s Vehicle Involved in Armed Robbery

Police Arrest Victim After Learning that Its ZRP Commissioner's Vehicle Involved In Armed Robbery

Goromonzi, Juru | Drama unfolded at Juru Police Station in Goromonzi following an attempted armed robbery that left the victim, Clark Makoni, behind bars.

Clark Makoni, the man at the center of this incident, almost met his end if it weren’t for his quick thinking and reactions after spotting his enemies’ cars at a tollgate just outside Goromonzi.

According to Makoni and his entourage, the robbers, who were driving towards Harare, made a U-turn at the Goromonzi tollgate as soon as they spotted Makoni heading in the opposite direction. This gave Makoni probable cause for concern, as these thugs had harassed him in the past.

As Makoni approached the Goromonzi tollgate, he noticed he was being followed by one of the cars he had seen making a U-turn. He reduced his speed, and the follower did the same. Realizing he was indeed being followed, another car sped past him and began blocking his way. Preparing for the worst, Makoni armed himself with his gun.

Makoni attempted to overtake the blocking 4×4 vehicle, but it kept obstructing him. Left with no other option, he fired a warning shot into the air. The occupants of the front vehicle then armed themselves, rolled down their windows, and started pointing guns at Makoni. In response, Makoni aimed at their back tire and shot it, gaining a way to overtake.

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Makoni headed straight to the police to report the incident. However, the situation took a turn when one Courage Moyo arrived, claiming that the car they were driving belonged to Commissioner Tembo. This statement frightened the police and led to Makoni’s arrest.

The saga has raised serious questions, as the involved parties are well-known thugs linked to the ruling party, which is said to control the gold-rich Goromonzi area. Despite Makoni’s appeals to the police, he ended up being locked up without being officially booked or having his case heard, raising serious concerns about the operations at Juru Police Station.

The unfolding drama has highlighted serious corruption issues at ZRP’s Juru, Goromonzi base. The involvement of the Commissioner’s vehicle has further raised allegations of corruption, especially given the involvement of the serial armed robber Tonderai Bosha, who is also implicated in the saga.

Bosha is involved in various armed robberies, including an incident in Mudzi where he was part of a gang that robbed a local mine and stole gold ore. In 2020, Tonderai Bosha allegedly pulled out his gun and pointed it at his colleague following a dispute over a woman. The incident occurred in Ruwa, where Bosha, a Secretary for Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment in the youth league, had a misunderstanding with a party official in Goromonzi identified as Regai Cheuka, resulting in Bosha drawing his gun in rage.

According to the investigating officers at Juru Police Station, who refused to answer any questions regarding the issue, Makoni will meet his fate in court tomorrow. The officers were tight-lipped about the details of the incident, maintaining a firm stance on withholding information from the public and the media.

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“Unfortunately, we can’t answer any questions regarding what transpired here yesterday, but we can only tell you that Makoni is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow,” one officer stated. This brief statement leaves many questions unanswered, fueling speculation and concern about the transparency and integrity of the investigation.

The community awaits the court proceedings with bated breath, hoping for clarity and justice in the unfolding drama.

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