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VP Chiwenga: No Room For Chamisa In Zimbabwe Politics

Vice President Chiwenga Visits Mataga Hospital

Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the popular opposition, VP Constantino Chiwenga spared no words, calling him naive and self-serving, and implying that he ought to be tending to goats instead. VP Chiwenga made these comments in the midst of political unrest brought on by Chamisa’s decision to leave the major opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), which has left the opposition in disarray.

The charismatic leader Chamisa gave several reasons for his resignation, including what he described as the ruling Zanu PF party’s infiltration of the CCC. By-elections were held in each of the legislators’ constituencies when the repercussions forced Fadzayi Mahere and Rusty Markham to resign from Parliament.

This weekend, there will be a by-election in Harare East. Chiwenga poked fun at Chamisa, telling him to behave responsibly when participating in political processes and implying that he has no place in Zimbabwean politics.

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In order to rectify previous electoral mistakes, Chiwenga emphasised the historical significance of April 28, 1897, the commencement of the First Chimurenga war, and the imminence of the approaching by-elections.

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In a message released in conjunction with Zimbabwe’s 44th Independence Day festivities, Chamisa blamed the nation’s present problems on the ruling Zanu PF party. In order to achieve true independence and dignity, he underlined the necessity of having common beliefs, goals, and aspirations. He also stressed the significance of fundamental necessities like shelter, food security, and financial stability.

In addition, Chamisa demanded political freedom, supporting free elections and a multiparty system. In order to create a better country, he emphasised the value of chances for all Zimbabweans, regardless of their financial situation, and he called for love and togetherness among all citizens.


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