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VP Mohadi to Inaugurate Runyararo Health Centre in Chimanimani

VP Mohadi to Inaugurate Runyararo Health Centre in Chimanimani

Vice President Kembo Mohadi is set to inaugurate the new Runyararo Health Centre in Chimanimani today, marking another significant step by the Second Republic towards achieving universal health coverage for all Zimbabwean citizens.

The Runyararo Health Centre stands out as a modern, self-sustaining facility. It is equipped with a full solar power system, staff accommodation units, brick incinerators, and water reservoirs, ensuring it can operate efficiently and independently. This development is part of the government’s broader initiative to enhance healthcare infrastructure and services across the country.

President Mnangagwa’s administration has been diligently implementing comprehensive reforms within the health sector. These efforts include constructing new health facilities, upgrading existing hospitals and clinics, and providing them with modern equipment and amenities. Notable examples of these new facilities include Cowdray Park in Bulawayo, Mataga Hospital in Mberengwa, and Stoneridge in Harare. These centres are fully equipped with delivery rooms, pre-natal and post-natal care units, and procedure rooms, ensuring comprehensive maternal and child health services.

Each of these health centres also features a paediatric ward, three consultation rooms, and an imaging store equipped with a mobile x-ray machine, enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

The government’s ambitious healthcare infrastructure expansion is being significantly bolstered by a US$210 million facility from NMS Infrastructure Limited, a UK-based medical infrastructure development company. This funding is being utilized to construct several 20-bed health centres and five 60-bed district hospitals across Zimbabwe, further extending access to quality healthcare services to more communities.

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The commissioning of Runyararo Health Centre is a testament to the government’s ongoing commitment to improving healthcare delivery and achieving health equity for all citizens.

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