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WestProp CEO Ken Sharpe Speaks On Zimbabwe’s Real Estate Growth!


Harare | Zimbabwe’s real estate industry is expanding at an unparalleled rate; in northern Harare alone, construction projects valued at over $200 million US are under progress.

Ken Sharpe, the CEO of WestProp Properties, stated that there is room for further expansion in Zimbabwe real estate and that the market is currently growing. He made this statement in a recent post on his X account.

He wrote on X (previously Twitter) that “the Zimbabwe real estate sector is currently on a growth trajectory and there is potential for more growth and the sector becoming a key pillar of our economy.”

At the age of 21, Ken began his incredible and motivational journey to inspire the country in 1994.

His dream, according to his biography, was to possess five properties spread across several nations, one of which he would reside in with his family and the others he would rent out.

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Unfortunately, as time passed, it grew into a larger desire, and Ken now hopes to sink one billion bricks by the year 2050.

Projects like Pomona City’s Millennium Heights, The Mall of Zimbabwe, which is set to become one of Africa’s largest retail centres, and his ultimate goal of bringing Dubai to Zimbabwe have all been influenced by this enormous idea.

Ken, who left school at the age of 17 to pursue a career in business, made the decision to register in the Harvard Business School. In June 2022, he received his degree from the esteemed university, making him an alumni at the age of 49.

He demonstrated the value of education by being modest despite his great success and widespread respect in the business world.

Ken wants to reconstruct Zimbabwe with one billion bricks by 2050, and he wants to do this in partnership with the people of Zimbabwe since he thinks that country’s greatest asset is its own people.

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With what he refers to as Economic Emancipation Pro-Opportunity, he is constantly working to give individuals opportunities so they can become financially independent.

You can see that he has been innovative in producing innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and unique product designs by looking at the kind of projects that his company, West Properties Zimbabwe, has developed.

In addition to becoming one of the African real estate developers building smart property infrastructure using solar and green technologies, he was set to become the first Zimbabwean to be crowned Forbes Africa CEO of the Year.

Pomona City, a smart city project, Warren Hills Golf Club, and Millennium Heights are examples of amazing, cutting-edge initiatives that are reshaping Zimbabwe’s perception.

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