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What were the takeaways from the tour of shame now that Nox is back?

Nox Guni, the star of URBAN grooves, has returned to his base following his terrifying journey here when he was tricked by a Congolese promoter and imprisoned by the authorities.

He was scheduled to perform last night at the Nature Paradise Night Club in Botswana before touring Namibia with Holy Ten.

According to reports, Nox will return to this location on September 5 in accordance with the court-mandated bail requirements.

His reputation has been damaged as a result of his appearance in an Irish court to address deceit charges after a lacklustre musical excursion here.

Nox, who was roped in to complement the South African Amapiano duo of Pcee and Justin in the Dublin gig, ended up in police custody after a cloned credit card was used to settle his US$800 hotel.

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A Congolese promoter duped the “Melody” hitmaker who ended up facing the possibility of serving a jail term here.

But, what are the lessons from Nox’s horror trip?

What were the takeaways from the tour of shame now that Nox is back?

After all, this is not the first time Zimbabwean artists have fallen prey to fly-by-night promoters.

In 2016, seven Zimbabwean artists, including Progress Chipfumo, were abandoned by their promoter in the UK, without being paid their appearance fees, as well their hotel costs.

Dendera crooner Allan Chimbetu met the same fate in the same year when a bogus promoter left him stranded in England.

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The list of Zimbabwean musicians, who have faced similar scenarios, can fill the pages of today’s paper.

The million dollar question remains: Why do our boys keep getting ripped off and falling for the same tricks?

It is high time Zimbabwean artists do the basics.

Music is a rewarding industry with millions of dollars spinning every day in the coffers of Burna Boy, Davido and other African superstars, who have been doing things right.

There is a need for local artists to engage professional managers, who do background checks on these promoters, before they rush to visa offices.

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There is a need to have pre-hotel bookings confirmed, appearance fees deposited and their itinerary well spelt before they plunge into foreign adventures.

Being associated with fraud and deception is very bad and can destroy the image of not only the artist but other Zimbabwean artists in general.

It is high time local artists do away with friends-cum-managers and employ professionals who will do the dirty work for them.

Our boys must come of age.

The late national hero, Oliver Mtukudzi, showed the way when he engaged Derby Metcalfe.

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Results were there for everyone to see.

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