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Wicknell Chivayo Sells Server Worth $5000 to ZEC at $1.26 Million

Harare | The latest chapter in Zimbabwe’s saga of corruption and financial impropriety has come to light, involving controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

Recently leaked audios of Chivayo discussing the financial gains from deals associated with the last Zimbabwean election have shed light on the extent of his profiteering.

The revelation has sparked outrage and further tarnished the image of public procurement processes in the country.

Chivayo, once attempting to portray himself as a modern-day Robin Hood, is now widely regarded as one of the most notorious figures in the misuse of public funds.

Investigations by ZiMetro reveal that Chivayo sold servers to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) at a staggering price of $1.26 million, despite the servers being valued at approximately $5000 on the open market.

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This case is the latest in a series of scandals where Chivayo allegedly inflated prices for government contracts secured through questionable means.

The $1.26 million price tag for servers that should have cost only $5000 underscores the alarming scale of overpricing and financial exploitation.

The leaked audios provide an insight into the behind-the-scenes negotiations and highlight the extent of financial impropriety. Chivayo’s conversations revealed the enormous profits he and his associates amassed from these deals, painting a grim picture of corruption deeply embedded in the procurement process.

Chivayo is no stranger to controversy. Over the years, he has been linked to several high-profile deals and projects, many of which have raised eyebrows due to the exorbitant costs and lack of transparency.

This latest revelation adds to his long list of dubious transactions, where public funds have been siphoned off through inflated contract prices.

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Despite attempts to present himself as a benefactor of the people, Chivayo’s actions have consistently contradicted this image.

The significant markup on the server deal with ZEC is a glaring example of how he has profited at the expense of the public purse.

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The disclosure of these details has incited widespread public outrage. Citizens and civil society organizations are demanding accountability and transparency in public procurement processes.

They are calling for thorough investigations and stringent measures to prevent such blatant exploitation in the future.

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The ZEC, which is tasked with overseeing fair and transparent elections, now finds itself embroiled in controversy, undermining its credibility.

The revelations about the server deal have not only exposed financial malpractices but also raised questions about the integrity of the electoral process itself.

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