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Wicknell’s Car Donations Rattle Zanu PF Bigwigs

Wicknell's Car Donations Rattle Zanu PF Bigwigs

Controversial  businessman Wicknell Chivayo’s donation of 100 Aqua vehicles to the Zanu PF youth league has left some party bigwigs in discomfort amid accusations that he wanted to ‘buy his way into the top’.

Tongues were already wagging in Zanu PF over Chivayo’s close association with President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the businessman has been overshadowing ministers at State events.

Chivayo has been dishing out cars and cash to Mnangagwa’s loyalists thanking them for showing allegiance to Zanu PF through song, dance and other activities deemed to have played a role in Mnangagwa’s re-election in the disputed 2023 elections.

Sources said Chivayo’s donations were part of a wider plot to campaign for Mnangagwa’s third term bid.

Some Zanu PF members believed to be from a faction aligned to Mnangagwa have been popularising the slogan: “2030, vaMnangagwa vanenge vachipo” (Mnan­gagwa will still be in office), ignit­ing tur­moil in the party cor­ridors.

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On Fri­day, Chivayo said he had set aside US$850 000 to acquire 100 Toyota Aqua vehicles for dis­tri­bu­tion to party youths across the coun­try’s 10 provinces

Chiv­ayo said the vehicles would be dis­trib­uted ran­domly to Zanu PF youths who cam­paigned hard for Zanu PF to secure vic­tory in the 2023 elec­tions.

Sources in the rul­ing party yester­day said Chivayo was now serving Mnangagwa’s personal interests and secretly campaigning for his third term bid.

“He is secretly campaigning for Mnangagwa’s third term bid while at the same time seemingly building his own power base,” a ruling party source said.

“He is now penetrating Zanu PF party structures.

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“Very soon we will get into a situation where every musician, comedian, politician will campaign for Mnangagwa’s third term bid… who will want to be left behind because after the youth donation, he will be targeting the women leagues, main wing and so forth?

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“With these kind of donations, even senior party members may be tempted to call him chef sooner rather than later.”

Sources said Mnangagwa was actively funding his transactional politics.

Zanu PF director of information Farai Marapira, however, said the party wel­comed Chivayo’s dona­tion.

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“He has shown that he has utmost respect to Zanu PF and its lead­er­ship of Pres­id­ent Emmer­son Mnan­gagwa who has cre­ated bil­lion­aires in the coun­try and is one of the bene­fi­ciar­ies,” he said

“We had situations where multinational companies exploited our resources to benefit their coun­tries whilst we remained in poverty, but now we have empowered ourselves thanks to our President Emmerson Mnangagwa.”

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