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Willom Despite keeping a low profile, Tight is nevertheless able to carry on.

The 52-year-old, who has been conducting business in both South Africa and Zimbabwe, claims he still has the desire to amuse his home audience.

The singer will perform tonight at Theatre in the Park.

The event is being managed by Rooftop Promotions.

The cost of entry is $5 USD and the event runs from 6 pm till late.

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It was an honor to welcome the legend, according to Passmore Ndlovu, the coordinator of programs and communications at Rooftop Promotions, in an interview with H-Metro.

He declared, “We are thrilled to be hosting the legend as an individual.”

“The last time Theatre in the Park hosted Tight was in 2022 when he was performing under the banner ‘Mateo & Friends’ for the group’s reunion show after more than two decades of a break.

“We advise fans to purchase their tickets early to minimise pressure on the day of the show.”

One of the biggest followers of Willom, Elvis Dikito, said he cannot wait to watch the musician performing again

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“We are ready for the show,” he said.

The Afro Jazz musician rose to fame in the late ‘90s with the album ‘Ndinoda Wangu.’

The title track became an instant hit on local radio stations.

In the years, which followed, Willom teamed up with talented singer Dino Mudondo.

The two went on to release a string of hits such as Bhazi, Makoikoi and Chirangano.

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In 2013, he decided to go international after releasing his fifth album Manifesto, which features South African stars Uhuru, Speedy (Bongo Muffin) and Malian legend Salif Keita.

His professional career started in 1992 when he became part of the band, Bisas Combination.

During that time, Willom played with the band for two years after which he moved to Nexus Talent Agents, between 1995 and 1996.

The following year, he became a founding member of the group, Mateo and Friends.

The group produced some of the best solo artists such as Matthew Kaunda and Patience Musa.

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The group went on to produce the album ‘Asambe Africa.’

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Gold Mafia Effects: Uebert Angel, Rudland accounts frozen

The Financial Intelligence Unit of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has blocked the assets of everyone connected to the gold Mafia scam, including prophet Uebert Angel. Arrests are soon to follow.

Breaking News: Uebert Angel, Rudland accounts frozen

Insiders claim that the RBZ is monitoring operations that may reveal the money laundering that may have been carried out by the supposed gold Mafia, and the instruction to freeze accounts and the arrests corroborate the harsh stance adopted by the RBZ against it.

More assets of persons involved in gold smuggling, money laundering, bribery, and other corrupt acts whose self-incriminating words are featured in the documentary have reportedly been frozen, according to inside sources at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe….read full story here

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