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Winky D ft Anita Jaxson depicts an untold story of pain

The Chronicles of Eureka continue to unfold right before our eyes. Winky D has dropped yet another song featuring a surprise artist Anita Jaxson.

The song is titled tears and reflects on the story of a suffering Zimbabwean who is going through a tough time and is hoping for a better Tommorow.

Many have attacked this album but there are others who have stood with Winky D.

In a tweet by Honorable Mliswa he had this to say:

1/ It is disturbing that when Zimdancehall was romanticising the abuse of drugs no one called for its ban. Soul Jah Love is actually at the Harare Provincial Heroes Acre on the back of a body of work and lifestyle that romanticised and celebrated drug abuse.

2/@winkydonline has reinvented himself and his art from the equally nauseating self-laudation and rhyming hokum into meaningful and socially relevant art, yet we have people who think he is bad for society. Does that even make sense? #WinkyD

3/One characteristic of an undemocratic society is this kind of nonsensical& excessive censorship.

It’s the same line of thinking that produced the Patriotic Bill. Some things you can’t prescribe, they are natural products of positive actions elsewhere. Art is a product of life.


In other news,

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Reports Say Stunner Has Been Arrested In Durban After Bashing New Bae

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