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Witness Claims He ‘Saw’ Marry Mubaiwa Trying To Kill VP Chiwenga

Marry Mubaiwa’s Woe's Mount, South African Properties Seized
Marry Mubaiwa, the glamorous former wife of Zimbabwean Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga

The State called its fourth witness in yesterday’s continuation of Marry Mubaiwa’s trial on allegations that she tried to kill her then-husband, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, in a hospital by turning off his life support system.

In his main testimony, Major Godfrey Nyoni informed the court that he had followed Vice President Chiwenga to South Africa on June 25, 2019, three days after his family and other guests had left and before he had even been admitted to a South African hospital.

The security team’s allowances and money for medical expenses were with him when he left.

In his testimony, Major Nyoni described how he observed Mubaiwa attempting to kill the vice president and smuggle him out of the ward with her, Herald reports.

After arrival, Major Nyoni said the security team split into two groups that would look after the VP in the ward 24/7.

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“On 8 July 2019 at around 8 pm I was on duty and the accused arrived and saw us with the patient in the ward who had machines connected on his body,” he said.

“On that day accused person indicated that she wanted some privacy with her husband and ordered us to leave. It was myself, Sgt Mugari and Dzungudza.”

Major Nyoni said they had to return after hearing the door being opened and saw Mubaiwa trying to leave the ward with VP Chiwenga who was very ill at the time.

“We heard the sound of the door being opened and I saw the accused holding the patient using her left hand and holding the patient’s left hand. It showed that she was pushing the patient since the patient was in front.

“I confronted her but she didn’t tell me where she wanted to go with him. I told her that the VP was bleeding on the right hand and asked us to wash his pyjamas.”

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Afterwards, Major Nyoni was assisted by his colleague Sgt Mugari to take the VP back to the bed and asked the hospital staff to come and reconnect the machines and they did so.

Major Nyoni said he also advised Dr Mangwiro and Major General Mashava (principal staff officer for VP) of what had happened.

He said on the following day Sgt Mugari and him first took photos of the blood-stained t-shirt the VP was putting on before washing it. These pictures were tendered as exhibit before the court yesterday.

Major Nyoni also told the court that he did not notice any CCTV cameras in that ward. He said after that incident Mubaiwa would occasionally visit VP .

She said in the presence of Dr Mangwiro and Major Nyoni that they were supposed to leave since the patient was not sick and he told her that this was not possible.

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Thereafter she took two to 10 days without coming back to the hospital.

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