Woman’s Womb Expands After Sleeping With A Married Man!

Woman Who Dated A Married Man Develops “Rare” Condition

A 29-year-old woman from Harare’s Mufakose suburb is seeking help after experiencing a swelling tummy for the past seven years.

Alisa Sakile Marova claims she fell pregnant when she was 22 and later went into labour but surprisingly, the baby did not come out.

Doctors told her there was no longer a baby in her womb despite having confirmed that she was indeed pregnant before.

Marova believes she was bewitched by the wife of a man she once dated though her family denies the accusation.

Speaking during an interview with Destiny Media, a Newzimbabwe TV channel, Marova said:

There is a man who I used to see who had not told me he was married. His wife came home to the place I used to stay but did not find me home as I had moved.

I later received a private call and it was a woman’s voice. She threatened me. We searched for the lady after that.

I had a friend who is a prophet and he gave me leads and a name, but we were told that she had died.

We assume she is the one who bewitched me, but her family denies those accusations.

Marova said this year her doctor told her that he had seen a cyst (a sac-like pocket of membranous tissue that contains fluid, air, or other substances that grow anywhere in the body). She said:

After I failed to conceive, my stomach started swelling and doctors ran numerous scans but they said there was nothing inside.

I went to local and South African hospitals but doctors could not establish the problem.

Now my doctor says it’s a cyst, but when it is drained my stomach swells back soon afterward.

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