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“You can’t be praising Zanu Pf from Sandton if Zanu Pf is doing so well leave South Africa and go settle in Harare” Rutendo Matinyarare Criticised for ZANU PF Praise

High Court Orders Matinyarare To Remove Defamatory Tweets Against Members Of GMAZ

“You can’t be praising Zanu Pf from Sandton if Zanu Pf is doing so well leave South Africa and go settle in Harare” Rutendo Matinyarare Criticised for ZANU PF Praise

Controversy has sparked online as South Africa-based anti-sanctions activist Rutendo Benson Matinyarare faced criticism for praising Zimbabwe’s ruling party, ZANU PF, while residing in South Africa. The debate centered on whether Matinyarare, who has been living in South Africa for an extended period, should express admiration for ZANU PF’s governance or consider returning to Zimbabwe.

The backlash erupted after Matinyarare highlighted Zimbabwe’s potential in a recent interview, describing it as a beautiful country with abundant opportunities. However, he lamented that many Zimbabweans are leaving the country, opting to work as waitresses in South Africa.

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South African users on social media questioned the activist’s allegiance, arguing that if ZANU PF’s leadership was indeed commendable, Matinyarare should relocate to Zimbabwe and settle there instead of praising the party from abroad.

Here reads the comments:

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“You can’t be praising Zanu Pf from Sandton if Zanu Pf is doing so well leave South Africa and go settle in Harare chief

Paul Muchemwa@paulmuchemwa2
“Someone had to tell Rutendo to go back to his country” Bro now thinks he is a South African
Not a Peace Officer@StHonorable
“Thanks for raising that. He’s living a soft life here in South Africa while his fellow Zimbabweans are having the worst time of their lives under the same party that he praises. Let him go and live amongst them then he can keep on praising them while witnessing the reality.”
GRACED 1 Official@Flamesngoza1
“He should have keep it to himself. Zimbabweans are suffering and he is praising the same zanu pf that has created so much pain to the once great economy country
“The support Rutendo received demonstrates how absurd the Pan-African movement is. 1. He is harming our society (Pedo). He supports Mnangagwa and Mugabe, two men who oppress black people. However, because he claims to be fighting against white people, he must be protected by us.
“Rutendo must help his people. You can’t be proud of a country that is treating its people like this.”
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