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ZAOGA Marches On! “Hold Your Identity”

ZAOGA Marches On! "Hold Your Identity"

These were the comments of the church’s national executive chairman, Apostle Dr Joseph Guti, during a live broadcast.

Apostle Guti asked the church to maintain its identity and to continue on the spirit and teachings of its founder, Archbishop Professor Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti.

On July 5, Archbishop Guti died at the age of 100.

The church is now in mourning for Guti for 30 days before he is laid to rest.

The live broadcast was one of the earliest official messages intended to console members during a difficult moment for the church.

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“Because our father Archbishop E.H Guti received a rich treasure from God, we must not feel defeated.”

“Hold on to Jesus and not on Ezekiel Guti.

“We are one ZAOGA, we operate under one doctrine, hold on to the rope and continue in the spirit and teaching of Forward in Faith,” said Apostle Guti.

Apostle Guti said the church would not change.

“As ZAOGA FIF we are not changing, methods may change but the message will not change.

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“We will continue with the things that we have been taught by our father.

“The enemy of the truth has always been targeting our ministry and when we come to such a time we are calling the new normal, we need to be stronger than ever before.

“We are not alone, the same God who rescued His servant and whose will has been accomplished and is done, will not leave us all for circus.

“If we keep what our father taught us, we will not find ourselves lost or going astray.”

He said Archbishop Guti laid a very strong foundation for 63 years and believers must not be shaken by his death.

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In one of the books, written by Archbishop Guti, (History Book 1984) he warned people against leaning on him as their source of strength but those who keep his teachings will survive.

“My aim is that you cling to what I preach about Jesus who sent me, for I was sent by Jesus.

“I was raised by God to teach people the truth without anything human in it.

“Be my follower as I am a follower of Christ,” reads parts of the book.

Apostle Guti also reminded the church’s leadership that the 2022 national executive council held in Jerusalem decreed that every leader must use the History Book, The African Apostle and The Rules and Policy Book.

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He spoke on behalf of the church’s leadership made up of the three apostles and Archbishop Professor Eunor Guti, who is also co-founder of various ministries in ZAOGA FIF.

Details of Archbishop Professor Guti’s burial will be advised in due course.

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