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ZAOGA Preparing a Huge Send-Off For Baba Guti!

ZAOGA Founder Bishop Ezekiel Guti Has Died

Harare | ZAOGA FIF Ministries, which was founded by Archbishop Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti, who passed away on July 5, is preparing a sizable send-off for him.

The church has stated that the funeral arrangements would be kept private and that it will have festivities from Friday, August 4 through Sunday, August 6.

From tomorrow through Friday, believers will have the chance to pay their respects at the AMFCC pastoral centre in Glen View.

When Guti passed away in South Africa at the age of 100, he was hailed as a national hero.

More than 60 years ago, thanks to his efforts, ZAOGA FIF Ministries was founded.

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He travelled to 168 countries with his efforts throughout his ministry.

Believers will get a chance to pay their last respects during the day before converging for an all-night vigil at the City Sports Centre on Friday.

This will culminate in a two-day gathering at the National Sports Stadium on Saturday and Sunday.

“There will be no public gathering or church services at AMFCC, but people will be free to come and pay their respects to our father.

“There will be ushers and security personnel to guide the proceedings.

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“The programmes at AMFCC will only be held during the day,” said ZAOGA FIF secretary general, apostle Michael Nyambo.

Socialites Mourn the Loss of Baba Guti

The church declared 30 days of mourning, which ends this Saturday.

A number of delegates, including the African Christian Council International, international faith-based preachers and other religious leaders, are expected to pay their last respects.

He began the ZAOGA FIF Ministries 63 years ago and practiced as a preacher for 85 years.

Over and above his calling, Archbishop Guti and his wife, Eunah Guti, founded the Ezekiel Guti University, Mbuya Dorcas Hospital, AMFCC Bible School, Ezekiel TV, The Grange School, and Ezekiel Guti Dressmaking School, among others.

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