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Zim Cyber City investor Shaji Ul Mulk gets huge recognition in Middle East!

Dubai based Indian billionaire Shaji Ul Mulk, Founder and Chairman of Mulk International Group, who organized the highly successful recently held highly successful cricket bonanza, the Zim Afro T20 has been named 4th most influential person on the prestigious Arabian Business 100 Most Inspiring Leaders list.

In Zimbabwe Mulk is investing in a US$500 Zim Cyber City, which is a real estate project set to change the face of Harare.

Being ranked 4th most influential in the Middle East is no mean achievement given the huge number of rich and influential people in the oil rich region. The list honours the visionaries, innovators, and trailblazers who have shaped the Middle East’s business landscape across various sectors.

Organizers of the prestigious awards said they were a testament to the extraordinary accomplishments of the individuals who shape the Middle East region.

The Arabian Business Inspiring Leaders List serves as a tribute to the outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment of those who have not only excelled in their respective fields but have also played a pivotal role in driving progress and transformation across industries. These leaders have harnessed their expertise, determination, and passion to create enduring legacies that extend far beyond their organisations.

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Says “Our list spans a wide spectrum of sectors, from finance and technology to healthcare, energy, and beyond. It encompasses entrepreneurs who have built thriving startups from the ground up, as well as seasoned executives who have redefined the strategies of established conglomerates. What unites them is their unyielding dedication to excellence and their ability to inspire others with their achievements.
“As we delve into the stories of these remarkable leaders, you will discover the diverse paths they have taken, the challenges they have overcome, and the groundbreaking initiatives they have championed. Their journeys provide valuable insights and inspiration for aspiring leaders and professionals throughout the region and beyond.”

Mulk International Group is a 40-year-old global entity with a net worth of over $2 billion and a diversified portfolio spanning four sectors: manufacturing, real estate, sports, and healthcare. The group has also. received the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s MRM award for the best foreign manufacturer in the UAE.

The group’s flagship product is the metal composite panel, branded as ‘ALUBOND’, which made the group the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminium composite panels with installations in over 100 countries.

Mulk’s innovative spirit is also evident in his other ventures. In the sports industry, he founded the T10 Cricket League, the fastest cricketing format in the world. The T10 League has quickly become a global phenomenon, attracting millions of viewers around the globe. The format recently graced Zimbabwe in a tournament that was played across the Southern African country.

The group entered the healthcare industry in 2010 and launched Mulk Med Healthcare, a pioneering telehealthcare ecosystem provider that offers physiotherapy centres, telemedicine facilities, and diagnostic clinics across the region. Mulk Med Healthcare also launched the Mulk Med Healthcare Virtual Hospital, an innovative venture that combines ICT and healthcare solutions.

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The group is currently investing in a US$500 million real estate project in Zimbabwe, ‘The Zim Cyber City’, a state-of-the-art mixed-use development project that promises an affluent community and an unparalleled standard of living with duty-free shopping amenities. The project is managed by Zimbabwe Global Investments (ZGI), a subsidiary operating under the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) programme approved by Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“This state-of-the-art mixed-use development project is currently underway in Mount Hampden, New Harare. Promising an affluent community and an unparalleled standard of living with duty-free shopping amenities, Zim Cyber City emerges as one of Africa’s most promising and exciting real estate projects,” wrote the event organisers in their citation of Mulk whose legacy they described as one that will resonate for generations to come.

The group is also disrupting the construction industry with the Alubond LGS building system, which replaces timber with light gauge steel frames that are stronger, faster, and more eco-friendly.

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