Zimbabwe Electricity Situation Explained! Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

The Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) is at various stages of repairing four units at Hwange Power Station after a series of breakdowns led to a sharp drop in power supply, after output at the country’s second-biggest plant operating fell to just 10 percent of available capacity.

Kariba Power station status:

4 units functional

Status of switched-off units:

✅Unit 1 was switched off on February 2, 2023 for turbine runner inspection. Inspections completed, unit placed on annual maintenance
✅Unit 4 was switched off on 20 July2022 due to a damaged turbine runner
✅Unit 8 tripped on Dec 20 2022 due to GTx 8 fault & is being replaced.
✅Unit 6 was switched off on 16 Dec 2022 for an annual overhaul and machine cooling water pipework replacement.

Current Zambezi River Status:

✅Due to low water allocation by the Zambezi River Authority, Kariba Power Plant is producing an average of 350MW.
✅Kariba dam level has slightly improved to 13,73 percent.

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