Zimbabwe Prophet Trends Following A.K.A Death Prophecy! Here Is The Full Prophecy

Zimbabwean Prophet Mellontik Orasi Had Prophesied AKA’s Death And Location

South Africa-based Zimbabwean man of cloth Mellontik Orasi had foretold the death of Mzansi’s Hip Hop legend AKA.

AKA, born Kiernan Forbes, was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting last night at a popular restaurant in Durban together with his bodyguard. He was 35.

Soon after the news broke, social media went abuzz with a string of 2023 prophecies Orasi had made last year.

In the prophecies, Orasi had said, ‘a young male rapper in his mid ages would die soon.’

Check out the full prophecy which was made on 9 November 2022.

Good morning

1.A Zimbabwean Socialite abroad very active on Facebook, noisy and controversial will fall sick in 2023 and might pass on without prayers

2.A prime Minister in Africa will pass away shortly
3.0ne of the greatest Zimbabwean politician will be hospitalized and may die if no intercession is done.

4 3 well known public figures in Zimbabwe dying of cancer

5.A new war in 2023 so big
6 .Zimbabwean people for now ignore elections prophecies most prophecies are probabilities feigned by the great marine demon nyami nyami to confuse people

7 A popular nigerian preacher divorcing shortly
8 Zambia 🇿🇲 will develop into a powerhouse of Africa with more clean policies
9 Let Edgar Lungu rest to avoid disappointment.
10 .Just shortly another army general is sleeping
11 A South African musician sleeping shortly (male in mid ages)
12 FEMALE actress in South Africa resting shortly also
13 A great crowd gathering stampede shortly
14 at least 3 heads of state to be overthrown in 290 days.
15 A great famine ahead
16 mass deaths as another plane crashes
17 Zimbabwean helicopter will crash again
18 A Zimbabwean footballer is passing away in next 300
19.Mass life loss as Sudan, Kenya, Brazil, Mozambique 🇲🇿 shall experience floods
20.Great economic development throughout the world, I see a change of fortunes .2024 beyond

They doubt but all shall come to pass

In another post, Orasi had also spoken of a spike in gang related crimes in Durban.

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