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Zimbabwe Pull Out Of Asian Karate Championships Due To Financial Constraints

The Zimbabwe Karate Union Nakamura Team has pulled out of the 2023 Asian Championships scheduled to be held in India this month citing financial constraints

Vice president of Zimbabwe Karate Union, Sensei Tawanda Mufundisi said team Zimbabwe was hoping to do more after leaving a mark at the International friendship Karate Cup in Osaka, Japan last month.

He is quoted by ZBC News as saying:

As ZKU Nakamura, we have realised that it was a noble idea and we had no choice but to pull out of the tournament that we were supposed to participate in India because of financial constraints. The season that we’re in now is going to be busy and it was too late to approach cooperates for assistance financially.

In as much as we have achieved in the fighting season, we felt we haven’t been appreciated enough and we look forward to recognition. Going forward, we are looking forward to participating in regional and international tournaments and we are set to host the grading course which we have done successfully before in grading five black belts. So, we appeal to the cooperate world to assist us in coming events.

The team is still hopeful of participating in upcoming international events.

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