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Zimbabwean Men Inspired By PSG Star Achraf Hakimi’s Divorce Strategy

Zimbabwean Men Inspired By PSG Star Achraf Hakimi's Divorce Strategy

Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain, has become a hero in the eyes of Zimbabwean men after his recent divorce from actress Hiba Abouk.

Despite allegations of infidelity, Hakimi’s ex-wife initially sought half of his €70 million net worth in the divorce settlement.

However, to her shock, it was revealed in court that Hakimi’s assets were registered in his mother’s name, leaving him with little on paper.

This move has earned him widespread praise from Zimbabwean men, who hail him as a “living legend” for his shrewdness in protecting his wealth.

Zimbabwean men are lauding Hakimi for his strategic financial planning, with some even calling him a “legend” for “defeating” his wife in the divorce settlement.

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Despite not having much in his own name, Hakimi is expected to receive half of his ex-wife’s net worth, estimated at $3 million, as financial support.

This turn of events has sparked widespread discussions among Zimbabwean men, who see Hakimi as a representation of their desire to protect their assets in relationships. Many are even calling for Hakimi to be the guest of honour at the next men’s conference, applauding him for standing up for men’s financial rights in divorce proceedings.

Zimbabwean men have taken to social media to express their admiration for Hakimi’s approach to his divorce, with comments like “Hakimi made history by becoming the first male to defeat a female” and “He deserves a Man of the Month award.”

Check out some of the reactions;


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Adam 0-1 Eve Joseph 0-1 Potiphar’s wife Esau 0 -1 Rebecca Samson 0-1 Delilah Hakimi 1-0 wife Our first ever victory over female gender since creation. Congratulations to our very own brother.


Bro making history at large, the first male to defeat a female. jealous down. Score 2-0🔥🔥🔥🔥


To all the mama’s boys 👏👏👏let’s clap hands for ourselves😂😂😂 I’m proud to be a mamas boy, musati handina ma assets, ana mhamha

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This guy is a role model to all men😂😂😂his face should be put on a currency.

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