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A Legend In The Making! Gogo Chihoro, Beauty & Intelligence Leave Social Media Abuzz

Mai TT Sentence Explained! "She Served For Absconding Community Service"

Harare | Zimbabwean social media was ablaze during a recent live session hosted by Felistas Murata, better known online as Mai TT, with talk about the brains and attractiveness of a Sangoma named Gogo Chihoro.

In the course of the session, Mai TT apologised and thanked Gogo Chihoro for the assistance she had gotten both during her imprisonment and while she was being accused of being a fake Sangoma.

Mai TT, a well-known public figure and humorous online personality, expressed her gratitude to Gogo Chihoro for the important part she played in getting her through a difficult time in her life.

Mai TT’s life had been rocked by the charges that she was a fake Sangoma, and Gogo Chihoro’s assistance had been crucial in getting her through those trying times.

Gogo Chihoro stressed during the live session that being a Sangoma does not entail putting one’s appearance aside. She refuted the idea that engaging in traditional spirituality entails giving up brains and beauty.

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With her remarks, Gogo Chihoro dispelled preconceived notions and sparked a discussion on the varied and complex personalities of those who use traditional healing methods.

Social media users did not take long to show Gogo Chihoro their appreciation and support.

Edith Kamanga complimented Gogo Chihoro and Mai TT on their attractive looks.

In addition, Rori Ruvimbo spoke up and praised Gogo Chihoro’s gorgeous appearance.

Tk-Jogwe expressed gratitude for Gogo Chihoro’s visit, and Mavis Marise Chirova said she would like to ask Gogo Chihoro for help. The compliments didn’t stop there.

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Chipo Marowa called Gogo Chihoro and other women in jest “magogo manyama,” a term of affection for esteemed elderly ladies.

During the live session, Mercy Tigere—a member of Mai TT’s Catfamily—had the chance to thank Gogo Chihoro on behalf of the group for her steadfast support.

The debate about Gogo Chihoro’s brilliance and beauty brought attention to how crucial it is to value one’s uniqueness while partaking in spiritual activities.

Many people were moved by Gogo Chihoro’s capacity to dispel myths and show that intelligence and good looks can coexist with conventional therapeutic methods.

Gogo Chihoro’s influence and presence are still widely discussed on social media, demonstrating how deeply her message and presence have impacted the online community.

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The story of grace, wisdom, and assistance found in conventional medical procedures is now more widely acknowledged and valued.

Gogo Chihoro’s embodiment of beauty and wisdom serves as a reminder of the complexity of people and the value of expressing one’s genuine self in a world where appearances and preconceptions frequently determine perceptions.

Despite scammers trying to scam people who are looking for help using Gogo Chihoro’s name, Gogo has put measures in place to reduce the scams and is introducing a website and social media handles to gunner the scammers.

For now, you can contact Gogo directly on WhatsApp or by calling +26371 420 4235 or +26378 115 0770

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