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Alick Macheso’s Lead Dancer, Majuice Speaks Out About Late Arrival at Work and Suspension

Alick Macheso’s Lead Dancer, Majuice Speaks Out About Late Arrival at Work and Suspension

The music scene recently witnessed a stir as Alick Macheso, renowned musician and bandleader, made the decision to suspend Selemani ‘Majuice’ Mpochi, his longtime lead dancer, citing repeated tardiness as the reason behind the disciplinary action.

Majuice, a familiar face on stage with Alick Macheso, admitted to arriving late for work at around 1 a.m., attributing the delay to oversleeping. This recurrent issue had previously led to several warnings from management, culminating in a reduction in pay followed by his suspension.

In an exclusive interview, Majuice expressed his perspective on the matter, stating, “I can’t be suspended solely for reporting late for one show.” He further disclosed that management had imposed restrictions, preventing him from appearing in other artists’ music videos.

Despite these challenges, Majuice remains resolute in his loyalty to Macheso’s band, Orchestra Mberikwazvo. He reassured fans, saying, “Our loyal fans should get this right because I have been loyal to Macheso even when things were down.” He also emphasized that complying with management’s directives was a testament to his commitment to the Orchestra Mberikwazvo brand.

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In the midst of these developments, Majuice is gearing up for a performance alongside Franco Slomo, a former dancer from Alick Macheso’s troupe. This collaboration comes at a time when Majuice has been in the spotlight following his suspension, stirring conversations about discipline and professionalism in the music industry.

As Independence Day approaches, fans can anticipate Majuice’s appearance at Franco Slomo’s show, marking a new chapter in his career journey. Despite the recent setbacks, Majuice’s passion for music and dedication to his craft continue to shine through, resonating with audiences and keeping the rhythm of the music world alive.

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