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Army Generals Fired Over Sprawling Corruption Scandal

Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) have taken unprecedented action, firing three senior military commanders from the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) amidst a sprawling corruption scandal involving multimillion-dollar housing deals, according to sources within the security sector.

The dismissed officials, including ZNA chief-of-staff Major-General Hlanganani Dube, ZDF inspector-general Major-General Paul Chima, and Major-General John Mupande, director-general of policy, public relations, and international affairs at the Ministry of Defence, faced swift repercussions after being implicated in illicit property transactions.

Allegations suggest that the trio engaged in purchasing properties at inflated prices for personal gain, with sums ranging from US$400,000 to US$4 million.

This corruption scandal has rocked the military establishment, prompting decisive action from Lieutenant-General Anselem Sanyatwe, the ZNA commander.

In an effort to cleanse the ranks and restore integrity, General Sanyatwe has moved swiftly to remove the implicated officers from their positions, repossessing corruptly acquired properties and reassigning them to pool duty pending further investigation.

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Despite the personal connections and prior affiliations between some of the dismissed officers and their superiors, including General Sanyatwe, the crackdown on corruption within the military remains unwavering.

This underscores a commitment to upholding military protocols and ensuring accountability at all levels.

The housing scandal, which has seen top-ranking officers allegedly exploit their positions for personal enrichment, sheds light on broader challenges within the military, including underpaid rank-and-file soldiers and discontentment stemming from economic hardships.

Furthermore, reports of corruption within the military extend beyond the housing scandal, with instances of theft, diversion of resources, and exploitation documented in various sectors of the economy, including mining and commercial ventures.

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Despite efforts to address corruption and enhance transparency, systemic challenges persist, posing significant threats to the integrity and stability of Zimbabwe’s armed forces.

As the nation grapples with endemic corruption, the military must confront internal challenges and work towards fostering a culture of accountability and ethical conduct.

Source | NewsHawks

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