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Baba Harare Quits Jiti for Gospel Music

Baba Harare Quits Jiti for Gospel Music

Famous artist Baba Harare has revealed his intentions to go from secular to gospel music, marking a major change in his career.

He shared an emotional statement with his fans and followers on his Facebook page, where he made the announcement.

Baba Harare added, “To all my fans and followers,” in his message. I’ve been traveling a path of spiritual development and self-discovery. I appreciate you being my friends, my network of friends, and most importantly, my fellow musicians on this musical adventure.

I want you to be the first to know that I’m changing, and that my music will change with me. I’m going to switch to gospel music from secular music. I want to bring you along for the ride on this.

Real name Braveman Chizvino, Baba Harare is a well-known character in Zimbabwean music, recognized for his colorful live performances and classics including “The Reason Why” and “Generator.” His choice to focus on gospel music is a turning point in his career and reflects his spiritual awakening and personal development.

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Following the news, fans have responded in a variety of ways, with many expressing support and encouragement for his new direction.

While some admirers commended him for having the guts to pursue his spiritual calling, others were interested in hearing the sound of his upcoming album.

Baba Harare’s transition to gospel music, or “Gospero,” as he playfully termed it, is expected to bring a fresh and inspiring perspective to his artistry. As he embarks on this new journey, his loyal fan base eagerly anticipates the release of his gospel tracks and the positive messages they will undoubtedly carry.

With this bold move, Baba Harare joins a growing list of artists who have made similar transitions, finding new purpose and fulfillment in gospel music.

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His fans look forward to supporting him in this transformative phase of his career.

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