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Monica ditches Baba Harare, Starts her own band!

Monica ditches Baba Harare, Starts her own band!

Monica Mukombe, a dancer and singer, has quit Baba Harare’s band to start her own. The new band that Monica has put together is called Bhobhojani Shifting Spanner Band.

Three songs, “Kanganwa Nhamo,” “Ndipe Mari,” and “Dira Doro,” have already been recorded by the 33-year-old mother of three girls.

In good faith, Monica explained, “I left Baba Harare to launch my own project, something I had been thinking about for a while.”

Inozvarwa ndakanga ndakatakura mimba iyi asi.

“I have put together my own band and written some songs that I hope will help everyone feel better and recover.

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She stated, “I have so far just made one video, but I anticipate releasing my debut album next month.

Monica ventured into music by joining Mambokadzi.

Monica ditches Baba Harare, Starts her own band!

She then left to join Jah Prayzah, Andy Muridzo before joining Baba Harare in 2019.

She said her career was resisted by her husband and that led to their separation.

“Yekungonzi wadzokerazve kumagitare ndakaisiya nekuti yakanonotsa ndima,” said Monica.

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She hailed her mother, who is behind her sponsorship package, as well as her UK-based advisor, Enisia Mashusha.

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Gold Mafia Effects: Uebert Angel, Rudland accounts frozen

The Financial Intelligence Unit of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has blocked the assets of everyone connected to the gold Mafia scam, including prophet Uebert Angel. Arrests are soon to follow.

Breaking News: Uebert Angel, Rudland accounts frozen

Insiders claim that the RBZ is monitoring operations that may reveal the money laundering that may have been carried out by the supposed gold Mafia, and the instruction to freeze accounts and the arrests corroborate the harsh stance adopted by the RBZ against it.

More assets of persons involved in gold smuggling, money laundering, bribery, and other corrupt acts whose self-incriminating words are featured in the documentary have reportedly been frozen, according to inside sources at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe….read full story here

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