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Barmlo Construction to launch Easy Build School Block Scheme (EBSBS), move to compliment government efforts to education access

Barmlo Construction to launch Easy Build School Block Scheme (EBSBS), move to compliment government efforts to education access.

Harare | IN a game changing development fast growing local construction firm Barmlo will tomorrow launch Easy Build School Block Scheme EBSBS modelled under a zero percent interest credit facility on a supply and fix basis.

This development compliments government efforts to improve access to education with a focus on universal access to primary education and increasing enrolment in secondary and tertiary education.

“Under the scheme, Barmlo will take overall control of the pre-construction assessment and construction phases and the know-how, development tools, processes, methodologies and technologies and all building materials as per architectural drawing specification,” said the construction coordinator Mr Vincent Tafumaneyi in a statement.

The construction will include classroom blocks, laboratories and school halls, teachers’ houses and Libraries, this can be made easy because Barmlo boasts of skilled workforce, machinery and hardware retail stores.

The company has put aside 3 million (USD) budget for 2024 to 2025 period.

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The launch will be held at Cresta Hotel, Msasa in Harare tomorrow the 16th of May 2024 at 10am and the guest of honour the Honourable Minister of Primary and Secondary Education Hon. Dr Torerayi Moyo.

The project is a brainchild of Dr Banabasi Marambire whose inspiration to invest in education came from his tough upbringing, where in the past has been assisting under privileged students to pay their tuition fees.

He has been doing this initiatives as back as 2013 where a number of students has benefited in schools such as Chongogwe High school in Chivi, Mandava High School in Zvishavane, Mushagashe College in Masvingo, Midlands State University In Gweru and University of Zimbabwe in Harare.

At the age of 19 after completing his Ordinary Levels, Dr Marambire failed to get funds to further his education since his parents had passed away.

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He started selling vegetables at a local market, Bhati in Masvingo, he took a passport and went to Botswana to look for greener pastures where he was hired at a farm as a herdboy in the North East Province of Botswana (Masunga).

At the age of 25, he managed to register his first company in Botswana and operated it for four years before he moved back to Zimbabwe where he started a construction company and Barmlo Investments a retail chain.

Dr Marambire is now a proud employer of hundreds of employees and he won several accolades such as Best Construction company of the year under Global Shapers in 2016 at IHCC in Harare, he was awarded the Excellence In Community Empowerment Award und the Midlands & Masvingo Provincial Environmental , Responsible Business & CSR Awards in 2020, the Best Businessman of the Year Award (2021) during the Great Dyke Agriculture and Mining Awards held at the Village Lodge in Gweru.

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