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BREAKING NEWS: Zimbabwe National Army Retired Erasmus Rugeje Dies

BREAKING NEWS: Zimbabwe National Army Retired Erasmus Rugeje Dies

In a devastating turn of events, retired Zimbabwe National Army member Erasmus Rugeje was killed in a head-on collision traffic accident. The fatal incident occurred early in the morning, leading to Rugeje’s immediate passing. The sad news was confirmed by Zanu PF Politburo member and retired General Engelbert Rugeje to The Midweek Watch.

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According to the details provided, Erasmus Rugeje, who was Engelbert Rugeje’s uncle, met with the accident when his Toyota Dyna veered into the path of an oncoming Stallion Bus at Maregere Business Centre in Bikita. The collision, which took place at approximately 7 am, resulted in the tragic loss of Erasmus Rugeje’s life.

The circumstances surrounding the accident and the events leading up to the fatal collision are currently under investigation. The community and loved ones of Erasmus Rugeje are left mourning the sudden and unexpected loss of a respected individual from the Zimbabwe National Army.

“He was accompanying his daughter to board a bus and after she boarded the bus, he decided to drive back, that is when he encroached on the lane of an oncoming bus near Zvinoita Vamwe Store and was crashed and died on the spot.

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“His body was taken to Silveira Hospital mortuary,” said Gen Rugeje.

The late Rugeje is from Headman Charamba under Chief Mazungunye in Bikita.

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