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President Acknowledges Private Sector’s Contribution to Economic Growth

President Emmerson Acknowledges Private Sector's Contribution to Economic Growth

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has praised the private sector for responding to his call to play a more active role in the industrialisation and modernisation of Zimbabwe’s economy.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Champion Foods (Private) Limited milling plant in Harare, the President commended the private sector’s contribution to the nation’s economic growth.

He emphasized the importance of initiatives like this in building resilient and productive communities, lifting people out of poverty. President Emmerson Mnangagwa urged both public and private sectors to increase production and productivity to achieve the goal of an empowered upper-middle-income society by 2030.

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Additionally, he affirmed the government’s commitment to supporting agriculture, mitigating climate change effects, and achieving national development strategies and international development goals. The President reiterated his administration’s dedication to creating a conducive business environment and called for continued collaboration between the government and private sector to drive economic development.

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Private sector representatives expressed their commitment to supporting the country’s development agenda and praised the government’s leadership in fostering economic growth.

In another story, Brazil Increases Economic Cooperation With Zimbabwe.Ambassador Carlos Duarte, Secretary for Africa and Middle East in the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil, has conveyed Brazil’s strong interest in expanding its relations with Zimbabwe, focusing on education and healthcare, following successful collaboration in agriculture.

This enthusiasm was expressed during the inaugural session of political consultations between Brazil and Zimbabwe in Harare…read in full

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