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15 year minimum jail sentence for rapists

A Kwekwe businesswoman who exposed a 30-year sexual attack at the hands of her former teacher who allegedly raped her when she was 15 years old resulting in her falling pregnant was reportedly offered US$10 000 as recompense.

The alleged rapist was a temporary teacher when the sexual attack is alleged to have taken place.

The businesswoman, claims that Wellington Muza forced himself on her when she was still at school resulting in her falling pregnant and the offspring is now 30 years old.

The businesswoman said Muza used to sexually abuse her during her school days in Gokwe.

Ironically Muza is now a senior executive at a top non-governmental organisation which advocates for girls’ rights.

When the alleged rape incident occurred, he was a temporary teacher who was also still at university.

“He was my teacher at Dukaupfu Secondary School in 1991 and doubled as my sports master. He actually took advantage because he was spending more time with me as my trainer. He is the one who took away my virginity and he should be punished for that,” the woman claims.

She said because she was under-age then, Muza took her to their rural home and pretended as if he wanted to marry her only to dump her after she attained the age of consent.

“Back then we did not know of these rights groups so after being abused, the family took me in as if they wanted him to marry me. There I was literally their labourer as I would do everything from household chores to herding cattle,” she said.

After two years and after having delivered a bouncing baby boy, she was chased away from the homestead.

“After I reached the age of consent his mother told me I was now old and they chased me away from the homestead. His mother was on record telling me that I was not their son’s type since he was going to university at that time,” she recounted.

After the horrendous abuse experience, the woman went back to school where she later excelled in sport and made it in life and never bothered to look for Muza.

But after exactly 32 years, what made the woman reveal the rape ordeal and make such a demand?

She says that while she has good reason for not taking action earlier, she should not have to explain herself in order to sue for damages.

“I was going about my business in Kwekwe. In fact, I am able to earn a living because during my time as an athlete I managed to buy houses and started a number of businesses.

“But one day his relatives approached me saying they wanted to settle the issue once and for all. I am not the one who approached them, they came to me claiming that Muza was facing misfortunes in his life and they seem to suspect that it was me who was behind them,” she claimed.

She claims that the family signed a deed of reparation pledging to finish paying the whole amount (US$10 000) by the end of September 2022.

“I am really hurt because I had already forgotten about the incident when his family approached me. I had already put it at the back of my mind but they are the ones who opened the old wounds afresh.

“So, I want them to stand by their word and after all I played a role in taking care of the child. I did it alone. He should pay the money or restore my virginity,” she declared.

She said when she called Muza reminding him about the issue, he boasted of having been connected to powerful people.

“He told me to get off saying I should report the matter to anyone I want and nothing would happen to him since he has some relatives in high offices. But I will not rest until justice prevails,” she said.

Contacted for comment, Muza denied all the allegations levelled against him saying the woman was after tarnishing his image.

“I did not rape her as she claims. But all the same I have nothing to say to the media as of now but let her do all she wants to tarnish my image as she wants.

“Why didn’t she go and report the matter to the police instead of coming to the media,” queried Muza.

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