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Chitungwiza Council rocked by Extortion Scandal…Business Owners Targeted by Rogue Councilors

Chitungwiza Council rocked by Extortion Scandal...Business Owners Targeted by Rogue Councilors

A stench of corruption has engulfed the Chitungwiza Town Council, where a shocking extortion racket involving both former and sitting councilors has come to light. Local business owners, the lifeblood of the community, have become the unfortunate targets in this audacious scheme.

Fear and frustration hang heavy in the air as business people recount their harrowing experiences. Councilors, wielding the threat of revoked licenses like a cudgel, have been strong-arming operators despite their businesses functioning legally and ethically.

These threats, devoid of any legitimate justification, have created a climate of intimidation and victimization.

“Nyika Inovakwana nevene vayo” Betrayed

Resident Tawanda Mugoni’s voice crackles with disbelief. “How can our own councilors, entrusted to serve the community, turn against those who provide jobs and contribute to our well-being?” he questions.

Mugoni cites President Mnangagwa’s clarion call, “Nyika Inovakwana nevene vayo” (the country will be built by its own people), highlighting the hypocrisy of the council’s actions. He demands swift action from the authorities to uphold the President’s vision.

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A reliable source within the council spills the beans, revealing that legitimate concerns were deliberately omitted from the official agenda, creating a vacuum ripe for extortion. This insider’s account paints a disturbing picture of a council prioritizing personal gain over the well-being of the people they represent.

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Alice Kuvheya, Director of the Chitungwiza Residents Trust, stands resolute. “We are well aware of these shenanigans,” she declares, her voice laced with righteous anger. She vows to stand with the beleaguered business owners, refusing to tolerate the harassment any longer. “These councilors will be held accountable,” she asserts, demanding an end to this “nonsense.”

The residents of Chitungwiza, along with their beleaguered business community, yearn for justice. They demand a swift and decisive response from the authorities.

Only then can Chitungwiza begin to heal and rebuild trust in its leadership.

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