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Grootman and Gcinile Episode 2 Goes Viral

Grootman and Gcinile Episode 2 Goes Viral

The story of Gcinile Twala and Themba ‘“Grootman” Selahle has gained traction, sparking debate about revenge video after their video was leaked across different platforms with part 2 of the said 35 video going viral after a few hours of its leak.

Since the tape “deliberately” only shows Twala’s face, many assume that the once-glorified “hot pair,” who seemed to have it all, has descended into bitter hostility.

This occurred a few days after Grootman reportedly threatened to leak their private interactions on his social media, despite them no longer being a couple.

His frequent, unpleasant messages to his ex-girlfriend have been widely shared on social media, with other users posting screenshots of his Instagram posts.

He justifies his actions by claiming his phone was hacked, while he continues to speak ill of Twala, with whom he shares a daughter.

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This has also led to calls for Grootman’s arrest. Organizations such as Women for Change have condemned revenge videos and urged their followers to support Twala.

The organization stated, “Revenge videos is one of the most horrific crimes, and it is illegal in South Africa. It is a malicious act intended to humiliate, degrade, and harm the victim, often leaving them feeling powerless and exposed. The emotional and psychological toll on survivors is immense.

“The video has been widely trending on social media, and every share, comment, and view adds another layer to the trauma. We demand justice for Gcinile. Grootman must be arrested and held accountable for his actions. We call on law enforcement, policymakers, and community leaders to take a stand against revenge videos and all forms of gender-based violence. Arrest Grootman.”

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Despite the common notion that “sex sells,” revenge videos is illegal in South Africa.

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In South Africa, anyone found guilty of sharing or distributing revenge videos may face jail time or a fine if proven to have violated relevant laws.

The bill also states, “If the victim can’t be identified in the content, the perpetrator could face two years in jail and/or a fine of up to R150,000. However, if the victim can be identified in any way, the perpetrator could spend four years in prison and/or pay up to R300,000.”

As a result, Twala has stayed out of the spotlight while her name continues to be a hot topic across various platforms.

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