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Chiwenga to be Summoned to Testify in Ex-Wife ‘Marry Mubaiwa’ Court Trial

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Chiwenga to be Summoned to Testify in Ex-Wife ‘Marry Mubaiwa’ Court Trial

Vice-President Constantino is scheduled to testify in the Harare Magistrates Court in the continuing attempted murder case involving his ex-wife, Marry Mubaiwa.

The trial is still ongoing, and prosecutor Lancelot Mutsokoti informed the court yesterday that the State intends to call Chiwenga as a witness on December 7.

Chiwenga provided an in camera testimony at Mubaiwa’s last trial last year, in which she is accused of fraud, violence, and money laundering.

She was found guilty in April of last year at the magistrates’ court of unlawfully trying to upgrade her marriage to Chiwenga, and she was fined ZWL $60 000.

Meanwhile, former Health and Child Care deputy minister and Vice-President Chiwenga’s personal physician John Mangwiro yesterday continued his testimony in the case in which the latter’s estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa is facing attempted murder charges.

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In his testimony before Harare magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka, Mangwiro said he heard Chiwenga screaming before informing Major Nyoni that Mubaiwa allegedly tried to pull life-saving tubes attached to the ailing former army general.

However, he claimed that Chiwenga had not actually suffered any harm.

Marry Mubaiwa and Constantino Chiwenga

Beatrice Mtetwa, Mubaiwa’s attorney, said during cross-examination that there was no police or hospital statement on file that would corroborate the attempted murder event.

She further argued that State witnesses never mentioned anything about the alleged attempted murder further arguing that Mangwiro was being evasive on whether the incident happened before the medical report was compiled.

Mtetwa told the court that both Nyoni and Dr Seiling failed to make a record about the alleged attempted murder.

She said Chiwenga requested all the hospital records when he was in South Africa which were made available to medical practitioners.

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Mangwiro, however, denied seeing the records insisting that the records were specifically directed to physiotherapists.

He also testified that Mubaiwa tried to withdraw an intercostal tube from Chiwenga’s chest which could have led to his death.

When Mtetwa said Chiwenga’s statement was recorded while he was unconscious, Mangwiro said the patient was not completely out.

Mubaiwa allegedly introduced Dr Bruce Peck who also regularly treated Chiwenga but Mangwiro argued that he saw the doctor kissing Chiwenga’s ex-wife.

He told the court that he later learned that Peck was a veterinary doctor after Mubaiwa introduced him as a family medical practitioner.

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The witness said Mubaiwa often requested confidential time with Chiwenga adding that their hands were tied since she was a “powerful woman” who decided the next moves.

Marry Mubaiwa’s Woe's Mount, South African Properties Seized

Marry Mubaiwa, the glamorous former wife of Zimbabwean Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga

Mtetwa said Chiwenga security personnel failed badly to protect him.

She also told the court that the hospital records were missing because the incident was an afterthought since Chiwenga wanted to get rid of Mubaiwa at the end of 2019.

The court was informed by Mangwiro that he does not know why Dr. Seiling left out the attempted murder episode from his medical statement.

Additionally, Mtetwa charged State witnesses with falsifying information and providing contradictory testimony in court.

She questioned Mangwiro about why a blood-stained T-shirt was cleaned and claimed that a forensic investigation should have been done. The court was also informed that one of Chiwenga’s nurses, Andrew Sibanda, had obstructed his care, with Mtetwa maintaining that he was the one who looked after the patient.

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According to the medical report that Mangwiro and Seiling co-wrote, Sibanda was accused of giving the complaint medicine that wasn’t prescribed.

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