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Marry Mubaiwa Threatens To Sue VP Chiwenga For Adultery

Marry Mubaiwa’s Woe's Mount, South African Properties Seized
Marry Mubaiwa, the glamorous former wife of Zimbabwean Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga

Marry Mubaiwa Threatens To Sue VP Chiwenga For Adultery

Marry Mubaiwa has threatened to sue her ex-husband, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, for adultery.

Chiwenga and Mubaiwa reportedly separated several years ago. Chiwenga has since married Colonel Miniyothabo Baloyi.

In June 2022, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced that his deputy had tied the knot with Col. Baloyi, a serving officer in the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA).

However, Mubaiwa insists that if Chiwenga, whom she still refers to as her husband, wants a divorce, he should do it properly and give her a divorce token (gupuro). She posted on X:

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My husband must be man enough to make it official that we are no longer together, leaving apart does not make things official.

l don’t know which “GUPURO” (divorce token) that he talks about because we never saw it but only heard about it through social media. Abuse of authority…

l should sue him for adultery for what he is doing with that girl that has been courting him for many years.

He used to tell me how much he hated her and she would bring him gifts including clothes and we would burn them, this was around 2011 and he referred to her as Zwangendaba.

If he no longer wants me as a wife why not go through the proper procedure of division of property, custody of our kids and whatever else.

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He used me to have children nekuti musikana uyo haazvere ingomwa (because that girl is infertile). He wants me dead and buried and he won’t rest until it’s done.

l was naive to actually believe that he loved me and he was in love with me and yet he was using me.

My heart is broken, l just want my children and my properties from him and nothing else. l hope the President knows that he is dealing with “the devil in uniform”.

Mubaiwa is facing attempted murder charges for allegedly attempting to kill Chiwenga when he was on a life support system in South Africa in 2019.

During her recent court appearance, former Health and Child Care Deputy Minister John Mangwiro told the court that whenever Mubaiwa walked into the room in which Chiwenga was admitted, he would become unconscious even though he was awake before her arrival.

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Mangwiro said this while being cross-examined by Mubaiwa’s lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa.

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