Commercial Sector Employees Set For Wage Hike

The National Employment Council For the Commercial Sectors of Zimbabwe (NECCSZ) has recommended a sector-wide wage increase with effect from 1 January 2023.

A letter dated 9 December 2022 and addressed to the National Commercial Employers Association of Zimbabwe (NCEAZ) by (NECCSZ) General Secretary one G.M. Chibaya reads in part:

Notice is hereby given that the NCEAZ has recommended an all-sector minimum wage to be pegged at 150.00 United States Dollars or ZWL-RTGS equivalent payable using the Reserve Bank prevailing auction rate for the first Tuesday of the month.

In light of the above, all employers falling under the purview of the Commercial Sectors are encouraged to adopt the following wage structure:

Grade 1
(a) US$150
(b) US$153

Grade 2 – US$156
Grade 3 – US$159
Grade 4 – US$162
Grade 5 – US$166
Grade 6 – US$169
Grade 7 – US$172

Grade 8 – US$176
Grade 9 – US$179
Grade 10 – US$183
Grade 11 – US$187
Grade 12 – US$190

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