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Dead Husband Haunts Entire Family From Having Tlof Tlof, Demands Lula Lula

Dead Husband Haunts Entire Family From Having Tlof Tlof, Demands Lula Lula

The female members of a family in Chimanimani have been plagued by a vengeful spirit for several years, causing them to abstain from having relations with their husbands.

The spirit, which claims to have been deprived of conjugal rights in life, has cast a dark cloud over the Mahlupeko sisters’ relationships, resulting in many broken marriages.

The disturbing matter came to light after the family recently sought the assistance of Chief Ndima’s court to help them understand and resolve the issue.

It was revealed that the Mahlupeko sisters and their daughters experience inexplicable blockages of their private parts whenever they attempt to engage in bedroom activities with their partners.

The situation has left the family in a state of despair, seeking answers and relief from the torment of the vengeful spirit.

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Those who attended the customary court proceedings heard that the vengeful spirit of the deceased Dakarai Mahoso is believed to be giving the family sleepless nights.

The spirit has allegedly come forth to claim that his widow, Gogo Nyeperai Mahlupeko (currently 87 years old), denied him his conjugal rights while he was still alive.

Consequently, he passed away feeling resentful and sexually unsatisfied.

John Mahlupeko, Gogo Mahlupeko’s brother, went on to describe the distressing situation, stating that his married daughters and granddaughters have been grappling with the aftermath of the avenging spirit’s actions for several years now, with intimacy becoming an arduous issue to navigate.

He said those who are not yet married are struggling to find suitable partners.

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What they initially believed to be a medical issue, turned out to be spiritual, with the late husband of his sister being the cause. This revelation came to light after seeking the counsel of prophets and traditional healers.

“All this while, we did not know that my sister’s late husband was behind this. While some family members thought that it was a medical condition, others knew that it was spiritual. The ones that are not married yet are struggling to find husbands while the married ones are struggling with the issue of intimacy,” he said.

Financial struggles have also plagued the men in the family, leaving them unable to prosper.

“As if that is not enough, the men in the family are struggling financially. We are failing to prosper,” he added.

In an interview, Gogo Nyeperai, the widow of the deceased, made a startling revelation that she had ceased to engage in sexual relations with her husband due to their advanced age and her physical limitations.

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Despite having twelve children with him, the late couple struggled to maintain their intimacy in their later years, with Gogo Nyeperai feeling it was no longer appropriate.

Gogo Nyeperai also expressed her suspicion that her family was unfairly placing the blame on her, and even dismissed the idea that her late husband’s spirit could be haunting them.

According to her, when they consulted a traditional healer, the spirit’s names were different from her husband’s, which led her to question the authenticity of the entire situation.

“I had twelve children with this man and I ended up failing to meet his sexual needs when we were in our old age. I was in my late 60s while he was in his 70s. I did not think it was still proper for us to engage in sexual intercourse. I was a loving wife and I am shocked that my late husband would torment my family this way. In fact, I believe this is all a lie. I think my family just wants to put the blame on me. When we consulted a traditional healer, it was said the spirit’s names are Bernard and Phineas; my husband’s name was Dakarai,” she said.

Chief Ndima ordered the family to seek the counsel of one more traditional healer to confirm the true cause of their problems since Gogo Nyeperai has denied that her late husband’s spirit is responsible.

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