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Husband And Wife consult same witch doctor to kill each other in UK

Husband And Wife consult same witch doctor to kill each other in UK

A Zimbabwean family residing in England has become the subject of widespread internet attention following the leak of a video capturing a tumultuous family meeting.

The shocking revelation unfolded during the discussion, as the husband and wife confessed to each independently seeking the services of a witchdoctor to have the other spouse eliminated.

According to reports, the ill-fated couple unknowingly approached the same fraudulent witchdoctor. Referred to as Baba Gamu, the husband allegedly made the initial visit to the witchdoctor, requesting the demise of his wife.

During the family gathering, Baba Gamu defended his actions by claiming that he had been informed by prophets of his wife’s alleged use of black magic or juju against him.

He further stated that his estranged wife had even expelled him from their shared residence.

The startling twist in this macabre tale came to light when the family discovered that the witchdoctor, having been entrusted with the task of eliminating Baba Gamu’s wife, had acquired her contact information and photographs.

The witchdoctor subsequently contacted the wife, known as Mai Gamu, and divulged her husband’s intentions to murder her.

Strangely, Mai Gamu and the witchdoctor devised a plan to instead have Baba Gamu eliminated.

The family meeting, instigated by an aunt, provided the platform for the couple, believed to be in their 60s, to narrate the intricate details of their extraordinary ordeal.

The circumstances surrounding the video’s emergence on the internet remain unclear. Nevertheless, the revelation has generated a flurry of mixed emotions and reactions among Zimbabweans on Twitter.

Opinions diverge regarding the family’s dynamics, with some expressing the belief that the family’s troubled state warranted the gathering, while others criticize the decision to record the proceedings, citing the further exposure of the family’s distress to the world.

The extraordinary tale of this tattered Zimbabwean family serves as a stark reminder of the depths human relationships can sink to and the peculiar circumstance that can entangle individuals.

As the internet amplifies the dissemination of their story, the family is left to grapple with the consequences of their choices and the impact it has had on their public image.

Source | iHarare

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