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Ex-Girlfriend Exposes Ginimbilite’s Real Life

Ex-Girlfriend Exposes Ginimbilite’s Real Life

It seems Ginimbilite is living by the maxim “fake it until you make it” if the words of an alleged ex-girlfriend are to be believed.

Ginimbilite has of late been invited to grace red-carpet events based on his status as a wealthy socialite.

The socialite was granted a feature in a State-owned weekly and spoke about his wealth. However, an alleged ex-girlfriend has revealed Ginimbilite’s “real story”.

A Facebook user by the name of Masiiwa Tamupiwa Lyo allegedly exposed Ginimbilite’s sly scheme to create an impression of being wealthy. She said she knows Ginimbi Lite from way back and even went to the same school as him.

Masiiwa Tamupiwa Lyo added that they lived in the same neighbourhood as the socialite. She revealed that Ginimbilite identifies people who are selling their cars and approaches them. He then takes the car and sells it under the guise that it is his own.

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Masiiwa Tamupiwa Lyo said they were lovers for some time and things went south when he insisted that she dresses in a manner that exuded opulence. She concluded her tirade by saying that if he were as rich as he claimed to be on social media, he should have upgraded her as his woman.

Below is Masiiwa Tamupiwa Lyo’s Facebook comment:

Gamuchirai Muzvondiwa he is broke in real life we went to the same school, Tichi gara mu same hood zvandotoziva zvimwe zvaanoita anoti akaona munhu akutengesa mota anoitora oitengesa a chiita kunge yake, kunyanya vema car sell vaya, | dated him futi tikazorambana nezvakakonzeresa about my dressing hanzi it doesn’t match the Ginimbi look yandinoda kupa vanhu if he was rich he should have upgraded me

At the time of publishing, Ginimbilite had not commented on the allegations by the purported ex.

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