Woman Dies Nine Days Before Boyfriend Pays Lobola

In a tragic development, a woman passed away nine days before her boyfriend took their relationship to the next level.

The woman from Glen Norah died nine days before her lobola day which had been set for Sunday.

There was no happily ever after for Blessing Mutseta who collapsed and died a few metres from her house last Monday. She was buried last Tuesday.

People from her neighbourhood are yet to come to terms with her passing. She collapsed and died while in possession of US$4000 lobola money which her boyfriend had given her for safekeeping.

“Kuno kwaita zvishamiso, a lady died (Monday) maskati abva kurandutsira vanhu vairwa kuti musadaro mourayana, after a few steps she fell and died. She is said to have been in possession of US$4000 yaakabatiswa neboyfriend yake (for the lobola), which had been set for February 28,” a neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity told H-metro.

Blessing’s brother Nyasha confirmed that his sister had died. He said her death came as a shock because she was in good health.

“l have never been in a tough situation in my life like this one, l don’t even know if am able to heal from this pain. The pain hurts so much that l don’t even know what to do now. My sister was not sick, she was in good health,” Nyasha told the publication.

On the day she collapsed and died, Blessing was restraining her other brother from fighting. She had been cooking in the house when she heard a commotion outside. Blessing then went outside to plead with the people who were fighting with her brother to stop since he was drunk.

As she was making her way back to the house, Blessing collapsed and died on the scene.

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