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Florence and Felix Pambukani Arrested Over Controversial Crowhill Stand Sales

Victims of a well-orchestrated land scam at Crowhill Farm have approached ZACC and the Police to arrest the perpetrators of the land fraud, jail-birds, Florence and Felix Pambukani

Florence and Felix Pambukani have been arrested in connection with the controversial sale of residential stands in Crowhill.

Despite being explicitly barred from such activities by both the High Court and the Supreme Court, the couple continued to engage in the sale of the disputed properties, leading to their recent detention.

The arrests come after numerous complaints and legal challenges from affected buyers and local authorities.

The High Court and Supreme Court had previously issued clear injunctions prohibiting the Pambukanis from selling the stands due to ongoing legal disputes regarding ownership and land rights.

Their defiance of these court orders has not only escalated the controversy but also resulted in their imminent court appearance.

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Florence and Felix Pambukani are expected to appear in court tomorrow to face charges related to their unlawful activities.

This case underscores the ongoing challenges and legal complexities surrounding land sales and property rights in the region.

Authorities hope that the court proceedings will provide clarity and justice for those affected by the illegal sales.

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