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Fraudster Radio Presenter ‘Thandeka Chitombo’ Bail Bribe Deal Ends In Tears!

Fraudster Radio Presenter 'Thandeka Chitombo' Bail Bribe Deal Ends In Tears!

Two police officers from Chinhoyi found themselves in hot water after allegedly soliciting a bribe from Thandeka Chitombo, a part-time presenter at Platinum FM facing impersonation charges.

Thandeka, aged 30, was arrested last week for impersonating a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative, prompting the two officers, Constables Theoline Mapako (35) and Gracious Hove (33), to seize the opportunity for a bribe.

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Allegedly, the officers demanded a bribe of US$100 to facilitate Thandeka’s bail, painting a grim picture of her fate if she didn’t comply. Despite her limited funds, with only US$32 in her possession, the officers insisted that she come up with the money. Eventually, Thandeka handed over US$80, partly from her father and partly from her own resources.

However, the alleged deal did not bring good fortune for Thandeka, as she was remanded in custody on February 13, 2024. Meanwhile, the officers were granted bail after being represented by lawyer Mr. Fortune Murisi.

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Thandeka’s involvement with Platinum FM began in October 2023, when she secured a slot as a volunteer presenter under the name Ndeka T. However, her troubles started when she presented a fake identity card from the President’s department to the station manager, Mr. Davies Mugadza, claiming she was on a mission.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Thandeka had also possessed fraudulent Zanu PF party cards, indicating membership in the party’s Central Committee. As a result, she faced charges of impersonation and the possession of fake identity documents.

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Appearing before Chinhoyi Magistrate Mr. Archie Wochiwunga on Thursday, Thandeka’s bail ruling was postponed to February 13, much to her disappointment. The unexpected delay extended her time in custody, leaving her visibly distraught.

Despite the challenging situation, the police officers appeared relieved and jovial following their bail grant, highlighting the complexities of the case and the emotions involved for all parties concerned.

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