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From kissing a Grade 6 kid to beating pupils in wrong uniform

From kissing a Grade 6 kid to beating pupils in wrong uniform

He torched a storm last week for allegedly soliciting mjolo favours from parents and teachers. Mupande has denied the allegations.

In 2007, Mupande was a teacher at Chishawasha Primary School where he was found guilty of kissing a Grade 6 girl.

He was transferred to another school.

Mupande challenged his transfer in the Labour Court.

In 2018, Mupande was accused of abusing his students by cutting and dyeing their hair black. He was also accused of stripping and beating up students wearing wrong school jerseys. Some parents at Glen View 8 said they were not comfortable with him around their children.

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“The other time he was caught with a Form 1 girl in his office, and the parent who saw everything, said that Mupande was shocked after she opened the door,” said the parent.

Parents also claimed Mupande increased fees for students who benefit from the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) from US$2 to pay $65 000.

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