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Sad Scene: Woman Parks Range Rover & Jumps To Her Death!

When mental health is not addressed, a lot of us are going to die while we ignore each other and end up back at the same scene as this one.

I wish mental health was addressed in our community.


When a house is dirty to the point of ants and flees running around – it’s DEPRESSION

When someone has more clothes and shoes than 3 years worth of supply – it’s called HOARDING

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When someone is always causing drama in family – it’s may be BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER

When someone is extremely promiscuous and dresses provocatively- it could be BIPOLAR

when someone starts giving away possessions and starts reminiscing too much – ITS PENDING SUICIDE

Unfortunately in our darkie community, we don’t respect mental health . You are busy there spending $100 every day and you think you are Normal

You are busy making your son a father because your husband left you – that’s EMOTIONAL INCEST.

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