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Ghost Sparks Stampede At Mberi Primary School in Zengeza

An alleged encounter with a ‘ghost’ sparked chaos at Mberi Primary School in Zengeza yesterday morning, leading to one child being injured in a stampede.

According to reports, the ‘ghost,’ described as resembling a woman, terrified students in Grade 4 Yellow to the extent that lessons were disrupted and a student had to be taken to a clinic.

Concerned parents and guardians rushed to the school to collect their children, with one parent reportedly arrested following police intervention.

“There must be something frightening our children at the school. They were disturbed after noticing a shadowy figure, resembling a woman, seated on the table, prompting both the teacher and children to flee from the classroom,” said one parent.

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However, upon further investigation by teachers and students, nothing unusual was found at the spot where the apparition was reportedly sighted.

“We strongly suspect that one of the staff members may be involved in occult practices,” added the concerned parent.

Officials from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education have launched an investigation into the matter.

Upon the arrival of an H-Metro crew at the school, district education officials, led by an individual identified only as Kureva, were seen leaving the premises.

“We came to gather information about the case, and we are yet to compile a report to submit to the authorities. I am not in a position to comment further; it is advisable to check with the Ministry later after our report is submitted,” stated Kureva.

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