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Senior Police Officer Removed for Illicit Affair with Junior Officer

Senior Police Officer Removed for Illicit Affair with Junior Officer

A high-ranking police official has been relieved of his duties as the Officer Commanding Norton District following the revelation of his involvement in an illicit relationship with one of his subordinate officers who is married.

Chief Superintendent Rea Ncubsone’s extramarital affair with Constable Ethel Kusangaya came to light after Ethel’s husband, Stalin Muvengwa, installed a vehicle tracking system on their family car.

Unbeknownst to Ethel, who was dressed in her police uniform, she drove the family vehicle to Norton after informing her husband that she was going elsewhere.

Upon arrival, Chief Supt Ncube instructed Ethel to park their vehicle, and the two then embarked on a romantic drive in his car, unaware that Muvengwa was trailing them.

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Upon realizing that they were being followed, the pair sensed danger, and Chief Supt Ncube arranged for Ethel’s vehicle to be towed to a car park in Kuwadzana Extension. However, their efforts were in vain as Muvengwa confronted them. Ethel pleaded with her husband not to assault her while in uniform.

According to sources, Chief Supt Ncube was visibly anxious as he begged Muvengwa for forgiveness.

“Muvengwa confronted them and Ethel pleaded with him not to assault her while in her police uniform. Chief Superintendent Ncube sweated profusely as he begged for forgiveness,” a source revealed. Muvengwa expressed his disappointment in Chief Supt Ncube, accusing him of ruining his family.

“Does his promotion mean he can abuse junior officers? Ncube has caused irreparable damage to my family, my children, and my reputation in society. We are now seeking counseling to help our children and reconcile with my in-laws. My wife’s actions have severely damaged my trust,” Muvengwa lamented.


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