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Ginimbi’s Nightclub is Scheduled For Auction


Harare | AUCTION PERSONNEL from the late billionaire Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s nightclub will be held.

A portion of Dreams Nightlife’s holdings will be put up for auction; this action is seen as the demise of Ginimbi’s inheritance.

On November 8, 2020, Ginimbi d_ed in an accident that also took the lives of four of his pals, including the hottie Michelle “Moana” Amuli.

On his way from his Dreams Nightlife club to his Domboshava estate, his automobile collided with another vehicle on Borrowdale Road.

Ginimbi’s immense abilities seem to have died with him after his d3ath.

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According to reports, his investments in energy, luxury cars, and Dreams Nightlife—which formerly drew wealthy patrons—have all failed.

According to reports, Ginimbi gave his land to his relatives.

The Dreams Nightlife properties up for auction on November 17 are listed below.

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