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VIdeo | Gcinile and Grootman ‘TAPE’ Leaks, ‘Arrest Grootman’ Echoes Across Socials

Calls to arrest Themba Selahle, known as Grootman, flood social media after he allegedly leaked a video of his ex-girlfriend, Gcinile Twala.

The scandal surrounding Themba Selahle, better known as Grootman, has reached new heights as social media explodes with calls for his arrest following the alleged leak of ex-girlfriend Gcinile Twala’s video.

Users are accusing Grootman of leaking the video, with many expressing outrage and demanding justice for Gcinile.

The sentiment online is overwhelmingly against Grootman, with people highlighting his history of toxic behaviour and abusive tendencies.

The publicized breakup of Grootman and Gcinile has garnered widespread attention. In the middle of their well-publicized romance—which was characterized by opulent designer brand displays, opulent travel, and costly purchases—Grootman and Gcinile recently disclosed their separation.

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Gcinile Twala posted a screenshot of the Grootman ultimatum on her Instagram page, warning of possible legal consequences.


In the realm of social media influencers, the publicized breakup of Grootman and Gcinile has garnered widespread attention. Young South Africans have been closely following the pair, who are well-known for their expensive lives and whose lavish displays and activities have captivated them.

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